Thanks for checking out Provo Mormon Dude! As you can see, this blog deals with many different aspects of Latter-day Saint life, culture, and history. If these are subjects that interest you (and in my opinion they oughtta be!) please check out the material below and further your dabblings in all things Mormon. 

LDS Daily 

LDS Daily is a brand-new website designed for the modern Mormon. They have great 'daily dose' content for an extra spiritual boost, as well as helps for FHE lessons posted every Monday. They also gather great content from some of the best LDS blogs on the internet for you to enjoy.

Mormon Myth-ellaneous

This is a great little book about a few of the most popular legends that abound in Mormon folklore. Author J. Michael Hunter explores stories ranging from miraculous missionary experiences to whales in the Great Salt Lake. The companion DVD is great, as well, answering that most important Mormon question of all: was Yoda actually based on President Spencer W. Kimball? You can find both these items at LDS bookstores, Amazon, or at your local Utah library.

Defending the Faith 
Now more than ever we need responsible scholarship to help defend our beliefs and support our testimonies against attacks on the Church. In Defending the Faith, Dr. Daniel C. Peterson does that beautifully. Dr. Peterson served as chairman of FARMS and writes for the Neal A. Maxwell Institute of Religious Scholarship, among other publications. In this 2-CD set, Professor Peterson not only answers some of the biggest questions about Mormon history and doctrine, but he offers helpful guidelines on how to keep your testimony alive and keep a healthy perspective on criticism of the Church. Be sure to check this one out if you ever need a good faith-booster.

The Continuous Atonement
Brad Wilcox is a great writer and religious educator at BYU and I consider his work on grace his magnum opus. His message has been featured in a BYU devotional, the Ensign, and most extensively in his book The Continuous Atonement, which explains how "Christ doesn't make up the difference; he makes all the difference." I highly recommend checking out this book for yourself.

LDS Living

LDS Living is a magazine by Mormons, for Mormons. They feature lots of great content of their own and their magazine is always first-rate. My favorite feature, though, is the online "Best of LDS blogs" feature that puts links to many of your favorite LDS blogs all in one place.

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