Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anxiety: Lessons from Lifeguarding

[Note: These remarks are the opinion of the author and are used here for rhetorical purposes. They do not represent professional counsel regarding the treatment of life-threatening situations.]

"Let go and let God." - Unknown

There are few metaphors that represent life better than that of swimming. Think about it. You have to pull yourself forward but also take time to catch your breath. At times you glide through smooth waters and other times you struggle to keep from going under. It seems to me life is one long lap in the pool. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

8 MORE Scriptures You Didn't Know Existed

“A sense of humor is an escape valve for the pressures of life.”1 
Elder Richard G. Scott 

Scriptures are powerful. They explain the gospel to us and offer wisdom on virtually every topic. Not only do the scriptures teach us about commandments, blessings, and ordinances, but they cover a surprising number of other subjects. Some of you may be surprised by all that is covered in the scriptures.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

True or False: White Horse Prophecy

Mormons believe strongly in prophecies. Some of them are well-known - the kind you hear in church lessons - the scriptural ones designed to strengthen faith and make known God’s promises to his people. Others are less publicized. They are whispered in high priest group meetings or firesides and tell of dramatic events soon to come. Notorious among these is the White Horse prophecy, which prophesies some astounding things awaiting the Saints before the Second Coming. But is there any truth to the legend? Looks like it’s time to play…

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Book of Mormon Debate - We're Doing it Wrong

"The Book of Mormon is the most remarkable book in the world from a doctrinal, historical, or philosophical point of view. Its integrity has been assailed with senseless fury for over 170 years, yet its position and influence today are more impregnable than ever." - Elder David B. Haight1 

Ever since it was published in 1830, the Book of Mormon has been one of the most hotly-debated books in the world. The big issue is its origin story. Did Joseph Smith really translate it from an ancient record, or did he somehow make the whole thing up? The debate rages on and there's little anyone can do to stop it. The book is the keystone of the Church and as missionaries continue to testify of its truth, critics continue to decry its "falsehood." Long after you and I are dead there will still be people locking horns over whether the Book of Mormon is the word of God or a total hoax. Utah is home of the most educated Book of Mormon scholars in the world (as well as some of the most vehement detractors) and so here the debate can get especially intense. It's not uncommon to hear people in heated discussions about the physical evidences of the Book of Mormon or supposed lack thereof. Chiasmus, DNA, and FBI word-printing all get thrown into the mix as each side puts their best foot forward to either defend or disprove the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Hold a Mormon Meeting in 5 Easy Steps

"Find happiness in ordinary things, and keep your sense of humor."
- President Boyd K. Packer1

Are you in a position of leadership in your ward? Been newly called to the bishopric and now need to learn how to conduct a meeting? Or maybe you're just a member of a congregation and you want to know how to play your part better at church functions? Never fear. If you are new to putting on an LDS meeting there are many resources available to you. You can look up the exact procedures of conducting in the Church handbooks. These are valuable resources and if you follow their guidelines you'll do fairly well. But there's more to conducting a Mormon meeting than what you'll find in the book. Lucky for you, I am here to help. Here are some insider tips and pointers to make your next Mormon meeting a success.