Thursday, November 20, 2014

8 Scriptures You Didn't Know Existed

"Find happiness in ordinary things, and keep your sense of humor." - Boyd K. Packer1

Every good Mormon boy and girl knows the scriptures are important. The scriptures teach us how to live according to the commandments and they provide us with revelation and peace in our turbulent lives. But how often do we study our scriptures? I mean really study them? Although we might hate to admit it, I think most of us are actually missing out on many great insights when we do our scripture study. Although we study the words, we don't always catch the special messages hidden within our quadruple combinations. There are verses in the scriptures about things you wouldn't believe.
These verses may not seem like much at first, but when you look at them in the proper light, you’ll see they contain some pretty interesting applications. Don’t believe me? Let me show you.  Here are a few hidden gems from the pages of holy writ that might surprise you…

1. The Santa Claus scripture

2. The Natasha Romanoff scripture

3. Scriptural proof that satyrs are real

4. The Stormtrooper scripture

5. The Queen Elsa scripture

6. The scripture that proves dragons are real, too.

7. The Gollum scripture

...and finally...

8. The Disney's Sleeping Beauty scripture

So there you have it. If you dig deep into the scriptures you can find things you would never expect. Remember that the next time you pick up your scriptures. Even if you don't find a verse that relates to your favorite Disney movie, it doesn't ever hurt to re-examine old scriptures for new insights. 

Did you like this post? Have a scripture you think is funny or that relates to pop culture in some way? Let me know in the comments section below. As always, thanks for reading! 

1. Packer, Boyd K. "Do Not Fear." Ensign April 2004. Web. 20 Nov. 2014.


  1. D&C 38:12--The Dr. Who Scripture, and D&C 38:28--the Harry Potter scripture

  2. Ha ha! Love those! Thanks for sharing.